The aim of our firm is to enable those who seek our assistance and in particular those who are most disadvantaged within society to access ways of enforcing their rights and to effectively defend them if charged with criminal offences.

Our predecessor firm, BM Birnberg & Co was founded more than 50 years ago to provide what was then hardly recognised as a focus of legal practice , the establishment  and  upholding of the “civil rights and liberties” of individuals under threat of unjust or oppressive treatment by police or state agencies or authorities. Since that time, and since 1999 as the successor firm, each member of our legal practice has the same commitment – to defend people’s rights.

To achieve this, we place an emphasis on sharing our knowledge and experience between the firm’s different departments in order to ensure every case has the benefit of the widest possible expertise of relevance.

Most of our work is done under legal aid. Where it is available we will assist clients to apply for it.  Where it is not, we will explore alternatives. Relevant information is contained on each department page.