We seek to assist and advise prisoners in relation to a number of areas of Prison Service and Parole Board decision making.  Where possible we challenge by way of judicial review decisions or policies that do not appear to have been applied fairly or lawfully.  We have particular experience in challenging decisions in these areas:

  • Pre- and post-tariff indeterminate Parole Board reviews
  • Determinate sentence Parole Board reviews
  • Recalls
  • Adjudications
  • Release on temporary licence
  • Segregation
  • Referrals to the CSC
  • Categorisation reviews
  • Mother and baby unit cases
  • Access to risk reduction courses
  • Access to higher education
  • Licence conditions, and others
  • Notification procedures


Who we are

Tamara Fogarty – Solicitor
Omar Geloo – Solicitor
Daniel Guedalla – Solicitor
Sally Middleton – Solicitor

PA/Caseworkers – Marina Knox and Hannah Peatfield


Legal aid

The Coalition Government’s ‘Transforming Legal Aid’ regulations came into effect in December 2013.  These removed criminal legal aid for prison law in a substantial number of the above areas.  Legal aid is now only available for us to represent clients in: preparing written representations to, and/or appearing at oral hearings before, the Parole Board when the Board is empowered to direct release, and adjudications that have been referred to a hearing before an independent adjudicator.

Where there is no legal aid we offer competitive rates.  We will always discuss our charges with you at the outset of your case.

These changes to legal aid do not affect our ability potentially to bring civil claims such as judicial review challenges to unlawful decisions after they have been made.  However the Government has recently introduced separate funding restrictions (‘reforms’) to judicial review which can impact upon our ability to do so in particular cases.